Sonic Lab Mixtape - GDMFSOB

January 31, 2019

Malcolm E. Klektic Presents a Sonic Lab Mixtape.


This is a short test. To see how these will fly with podbean and itunes.


Let the adventure begin.



AudioShorts Ep04 - Shoot her Dead

June 25, 2018

A young man hell bent on revenge gets more than he bargained for in this violent Noir Thriller. 

How he got into the club dressed in the way he was dressed was in itself a miracle. He had hung around the back of the club in the alley and the dirt hiding in the shadows waiting for the chance, for the moment to slip past the disgruntled KP’s on their smoke break. He knew their routine in the same way he knew all the workers’ routine, he used do thier rotas.

Used to.


AudioShorts Ep03 - Have a Nice Daaay!

April 2, 2018

In this episode - A cinema usher rants about his Mac-job to no-one in particular in this darkly comic short.

Written and Narrated by Zig Bingham

“You want to hear the truth, dear audience? You want to know how we really feel? The secret behind that smile, that f**king chipper, ‘have a nice daaay’, ‘would you like to go large?’ Do you? Really? ”

 Some Special Sound Effects from this channel. Massive thanks.


AudioShorts Ep02 - I Dreamt of Mountains

March 27, 2018

In this episode - At the end of the world, one man becomes obsessed with marauding Kaiju. 

Written and Narrated by Zig Bingham

Originally a dream I wrote this as a stream of conciousness so I could get the crazy details down before they faded. Yes I am a fan of Burroughs.


AudioShorts Ep01 - Writer’s Block (Pilot episode)

March 25, 2018

A struggling writer deals with writers block in the darkly comic AudioShort. 

Written and Narrated by Zig Bingham